Maintaining Your Blonde Hair

Care to keep blonde hair bright. No brassy build up.



How to care your blonde hair colour.

There are many shades of blonde and obtaining that perfect hue which works with your skin tone may take a few trips to salon. So you acquire the right shade - now what? 

You love the look but how do you care it. What will the routine be?

A purple shampoo should be your BFF! If you’re not a natural blonde; colouring, bleaching or lighting dark hair which are prone to yellow or orange hue will require you to incorporate a purple shampoo. Why? What? Purple shampoo eliminate brassiness, neutralizing yellow tones. According to the colour wheel, purple and yellow are opposite, cancelling out each for a brighter lighter hue.

If you have blonde or silver hair use a purple shampoo at lease one a week to keep brassiness away. Following up with a purple conditioner is also a good idea.

To deep condition apply purple mask every two week, leave on the hair with a plastic cap ten to fifteen minutes then rinse to keep hair hydrated and prevent dryness. We have created a list of shampoos that are tried and true, be sure to try these to keep blondes and silver looking shiny and bright.


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