Organics Cornrow & Braid Revitalizer


Originals Cornrow & Braid Revitalizer 

Africa's Best Organics Cornrow and Braid Revitalizer, specially formulated to bring braided, twisted, and locked hairstyles back to life. When applied, it instantly increases shine, reduces frizziness, and helps create a cleaner, fresh-smelling, neater appearance. It penetrates through hair extensions, conditioning, and moisturizing your own natural hair. Regular use helps prevent breakage when taking down braids. This light, natural, non-flaking hair therapy doesn't clog pores.


Place a generous amount in palm and rub your hands together. Apply, smoothing over cornrows, braids, twists or locks, giving special attention to areas that are dry or frizzy. Repeat as often as needed. To maximize results, before bedtime apply to hair then cover hair with a scarf. For relief of itchy, irritated scalp, also use Organics Itch Relief Cornrow and Braid Scalp Remedy and follow with Organics Tea-Tree Shine Strengthening Hair Polish for a longer-lasting sheen.